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Hi! My name is Taisiya and you’re visiting my blog, where I share my experiences as a woman and a mom. Women often struggle to keep up with the trends and requests of society whether it’s career, personal life, or even motherhood. I’ve created this blog so that we share the burdens and overcome them. Moreover, I’m here to learn together with you how to free ourselves from the stereotypes and become a better version of ourselves!

The blog is a platform that transcends borders, bringing women together to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives. By sharing my experiences, I am seeking to create a supportive and inclusive space where the collective strength of womanhood is celebrated, and a shared understanding of the world is cultivated. This is a commitment to fostering unity among women from diverse backgrounds and cultures while embracing the richness and diversity of the global community.


Slide 1 Unlocking the Secrets of Retinol in Skincare

Dec 15, 2023 by Taisiya Shevtsova

Unlocking the Secrets of Retinol in Skincare
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In this blog post, we’ll delve into the wonders of retinol, discussing its benefits, the optimal percentage in skincare products, proper usage, and highlighting who should exercise caution when incorporating it into their routine.

Newborn Essentials

Dec 14, 2023 by Taisiya Shevtsova

What Equipment does my newborn need?
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Let’s talk about the equipment that first-time-parents would need before the baby arrives.

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Postpartum Depression

Dec 13, 2023 by Taisiya Shevtsova

A Symphony of Emotions: Motherhood, Anxiety, and the Road to Healing
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A short story of how postpartum depression felt to me

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